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This issue of "P/PV In Brief' reviews interim outcomes from the Ready4Work prisoner reentry initiative. Funded by the US Department of Labor and the Annie E. Casey and Ford foundations, Ready4Work is a three-year national demonstration project designed to address the needs of the growing ex-prisoner population and to test the capacity of community- and faith-based organizations to meet those needs. Ready4Work programs are providing employment services, case management and mentoring in 11 adult sites around the country (data from seven juvenile sites are being analyzed separately). Interim outcomes from the initiative are extremely encouraging, with almost 60 percent of participants becoming employed and the majority of them staying employed for three or more consecutive months. Even more striking, recidivism rates for Ready4Work participants are considerably lower than those reported by the Bureau of Justice Statistics for a similar population.

Ready4Work In Brief Interim Outcomes Are In: Recidivism at Half the National Average