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After almost 35 years Public/Private Ventures (P/PV) has ceased operations. The organization leaves behind an incredible legacy of knowledge, including hundreds of research reports, case studies and evaluations about how best to improve programs and outcomes for children, youth and families. We are fortunate that P/PV has decided to archive its publications collection with the Foundation Center's IssueLab so that practitioners can benefit from this knowledge for years to come.

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States of Change

May 30, 2001

States of Change documents efforts by state policymakers and local practitioners to devise useful approaches to helping low-income job seekers stay employed and begin advancing. It draws, in part, from our experiences working on these issues since 1997 with five states -- Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma and Florida -- as well as on examples and lessons in several other states. In general, states are trying a number of retention strategies, but few have been tested. Therefore, we expect that many strategies discussed will soon be modified or replaced with new approaches. We hope that States of Change encourages this process of testing and innovation by providing a sense of what is being tried and learned around the country, and what challenges remain.

State Workforce Policy Initiative

December 30, 1999

This report describes the goals and program elements of P/PV's State Workforce Policy Initiative, a five-state initiative designed to develop effective employment retention and skills-upgrading strategies to assist Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) recipients and other low income job seekers in earning enough to move out of poverty. While no two strategies are alike, each state's strategy takes into account the needs of local employers, as well as the skills barriers and record of poor job retention present among so many entering the workforce. The report describes each state's individual strategy and recaps the key issues faced in the work first policy climate.

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