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After almost 35 years Public/Private Ventures (P/PV) has ceased operations. The organization leaves behind an incredible legacy of knowledge, including hundreds of research reports, case studies and evaluations about how best to improve programs and outcomes for children, youth and families. We are fortunate that P/PV has decided to archive its publications collection with the Foundation Center's IssueLab so that practitioners can benefit from this knowledge for years to come.

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Multiple Choices After School: Findings from the Extended-Service Schools Initiative

June 1, 2002

In the summer of 2002, every state became eligible to receive federal funds for after-school programs. With this opportunity came the need to make decisions about the goals, design and content of after-school programming -- decisions that will influence which youth participate, what they experience and how they may benefit. This report aims to put policymakers and program operators on firmer ground as they grapple with these decisions; it shares lessons from existing school-based after-school programs.

Extended-Service Schools: Putting Programming in Place

December 12, 2000

Spurred by the desire to provide youth with safe havens in non-school hours, enhanced educational experiences, and other developmental opportunities, a movement to open up schools has taken root in cities across the country. More than just an attempt to take advantage of schools' resources and facilities, the movement aims to build a new kind of institution -- one that unites schools and community-based organizations to create vital centers of activity for children, youth, and their families. This interim evaluation report of the Wallace-Readers Digest Funds Extended-Service Schools Adaptation examines what it takes to get a community-oriented school-based youth program off the ground, the early challenges that can be expected, and how the ESS sites addressed their challenges.

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