James Irvine Foundation

San Francisco, CA |


Assets: $2,214,674,056
Total Giving: $84,261,430

The mission of the foundation is to expand opportunity for the people of CA to participate in a vibrant, successful, and inclusive society. The foundation has concluded that it has a responsibility to focus more of its efforts and its grantmaking on the millions of Californians who deserve greater opportunity to achieve economic success for their families and to meaningfully participate in an effective democracy. It will focus on expanding economic and political opportunity for families and young adults who are working but struggling with poverty. This is the foundation's evolving focus, and as the words suggest, the changes will occur over time. The foundation is deeply engaged in important and successful grantmaking. It remains firmly committed to its current grants and initiatives, many of which are in the middle of multiyear plans driving toward specific impacts. The foundationwill see all of these current grants and initiatives through to their planned conclusions. And some will evolve to be part of its future work.